In June 2016, we awarded the Anna Plowden Trust £90,000 over 3 years towards bursaries and professional training in heritage conservation.

The Anna Plowden Trust (APT) was established in 1998 to commemorate the life and work of Anna Plowden CBE, a pioneering conservator who was passionate about training and raising the standards of conservation in the UK. The object of the charity is to contribute to the development of skills in the conservation of items of historic, artistic or scientific interest and to raise awareness of the importance of conservation. The trust operates two main grant programmes: Conservation Training Bursaries for students on conservation training courses, and CPD Grants to professional conservators to develop and update their skills.

Key achievements

  • APT was able to award 32 Scholarships for the 2016/17 academic year, the highest level since the Trust began in 1998. The trust has also been able to award 29 Scholarships for the 2017/18 academic year.
  • APT have been able to double their number of Scholarships awarded, meaning many more talented young people have been helped to train as conservators than would otherwise have been possible. Whilst the scholarships are not targeted at those suffering disadvantage, it is clear from the applications for both years, that a number of scholarship recipients are indeed disadvantaged. A number have social and financial circumstances that would completely rule out conservation training were they not able to get significant support from funders such as the Anna Plowden Trust.
  • APT has felt the benefit of their recently appointed younger trustees. Both new trustees received the Trust’s support as students and are now early in their developing and successful careers, one at the British Museum and the other with their own business.

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