Do you have application deadlines?

No. We accept applications all year around but Trustees make decisions in February, June and October. We advise allowing 3-6 months for a decision.

Is my application likely to be successful?

There is high competition for funds. In 2016/17 approximately 1 in 5 applicants were awarded a grant.

How much can I apply for?

Our average grants are usually between £25,000 and £35,000 p.a.

How soon can I reapply?

We do not insist on a gap between applications from the same charity, however if planning to reapply after receiving a grant, please ensure you submit your final report first.

Where do you fund?

We award grants to UK registered charities working across the UK (excluding Greater London and Northern Ireland), Kenya and Uganda.

Do you make grants overseas?

Yes - we award grants to a small number of UK registered charities working in Kenya and Uganda.

Do you give grants for projects concerned with disabilities?

We do not generally consider applications relating to disabilities because of the support available elsewhere. People with disabilities can benefit from projects which fall under the areas of activity listed under our themes of works.

Will I find out if I'm unsuccessful?

We let all applicants know the outcome of their request via email.

Do you fund core costs?

We will award grants toward core costs, usually for charities which we have funded before.

If we're successful, how soon will we be paid?

You will be notified of the outcome within two days of the Board meeting, and you will be asked for information so we can make a payment to you. Once this information has been received, it usually takes a week for the payment to be made.

Do you fund universities?

We do not fund universities except where there is a longstanding relationship.

Can I discuss an application with you before I apply?

We are always happy to discuss potential applications. Before you get in touch, please read our guidelines.