Grantee Reporting Form

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Please give a brief description (approximately 150 words) summarising the work you have undertaken with our funding and key outcomes achieved in the year

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Whether you achieved what you set out to do? NB: If your grant is for core funding, please also tell us how you are meeting your strategic aims. (maximum 200 words)

What difference the work has made? (maximum 200 words)

What have you learned? (What has gone well or how might you have done things differently) (maximum 200 words)

Whether you encountered any difficulties and how they were overcome? (maximum 200 words)

Whether there are any significant issues which you feel might affect your organisation or your sector in the future. (maximum 200 words)

In the case of the final report for a multi-year grant please summarise the overall achievements and outcomes of the work. (maximum 200 words)


Please email the following to

- Your most recent Report and Accounts if your latest Annual Report and Accounts have been published since the grant was considered, and if they are not available online.