In February 2016, we awarded £35,000 to Renewable World towards renewable energy hubs on the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria.

Renewable World is a UK registered charity working with local partners in East Africa, South Asia, and Central America. Since 2007 the charity has established projects that tackle the root causes of poverty through the provision of small-scale renewable energy solutions (including solar, wind, hydro and biogas) for remote and economically deprived communities. This access to renewable energy helps to empower communities who are otherwise caught in a cycle of poverty.
Renewable World’s model of community engagement, sustainability, and female empowerment fulfil key criteria as set out by the United Nations. Renewable World’s vision is a world where everyone has access to affordable renewable energy, as an effective contribution to the elimination of poverty.

Key achievements

  • Community engagement activities began with the establishment of the Community Based Organisation (CBO). In late 2016, the constitution of the CBO was drafted and adopted, and an election was conducted to decide on the members. Four training sessions were carried out with the community members during this time, spending two-days on financial literacy and two-days on leadership and governance.
  • The Energy Hub will provide an initial 26 energy connections for homes and microenterprises in the community. It will also power a water pump, which will be used by the Women’s Agricultural Cooperative to lift water for irrigation.
  • The Cooperative will be provided with agricultural training in appropriate water management practices. 32 members of the Agricultural Cooperative and five microenterprises are set to benefit from the renewable energy access.

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