Terms and Conditions for Grantholders

Last updated: December 2018

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all grants made by the Dulverton Trust, and they must be agreed to by the recipient organisation for a payment to be made. Please read through this document carefully and retain for your records.

Grants and Reporting

  1. The grant will be expended on the purpose outlined in the grant notification email.
  2. The grant will not be used for work within or for the benefit of our exclusion areas of Northern Ireland or Greater London.
  3. If a multi-year grant has been awarded, any payments subsequent to year one are subject to satisfactory reporting as scheduled in the grant notification email. In the unlikely event the Dulverton Trust is unable to meet this commitment, it reserves the right to withdraw the offer of funding and cancel future grant payments.
  4. If Trustees conclude that the grant has not been expended as intended, or judge that the funds are not being used effectively, the Trust may require repayment of part or all of the sum already paid.
  5. If you anticipate that any substantial changes to the purpose, activities, timescale or expenditure of the grant are likely to be necessary, please contact us in advance to seek the Trust’s agreement. This is particularly important if the change relates to any post funded with this grant.
  6. You will inform us of serious incidents, including but not limited to safeguarding or fraud (whether relevant to the funded project or not), plans for changes to the governance of the charity, planned mergers or changes of key personnel such as the Chair of Trustees or CEO.
  7. The Trust may require repayment of any part of the grant that has not been spent if the organisation becomes insolvent, or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation.
  8. Reports will be submitted online at www.dulverton.org/submit-a-report/ as per the schedule outlined in the grant notification email. The primary contact (the applicant) will be sent a reminder via email in advance.
  9. Once the grant has ended, you are able to reapply for further funding, but we recommend you discuss this with us first.


  1. For Restricted Grants – the organisation will acknowledge the Trust’s grant in its financial accounts. For Unrestricted Grants – if a list of donors is published in the financial accounts, please include the Dulverton Trust.
  2. It is not a requirement to use the Trust’s logo on any publication or media you produce. However, if you would like to, you can request the logo and guidelines via grants@dulverton.org.

Publicity and Data Protection

  1. The Trust may publish basic details of grants (such as the award amount, date and purpose) on its website and other publicly available databases and reports.
  2. The Trust uses the information you give us during the application process and during the lifetime of the grant for administration, analysis and research purposes as per our Privacy Policy.

Additional Requirements

  1. If there are any other specific conditions to the grant, they are outlined in the grant notification email.