Terms and Conditions for Grantholders

We are in the process of updating our Terms and Conditions. The current Terms and Conditions applicable to all current grants can be found below:

  • Payments are made directly to your organisation’s bank account upon receipt of a complete bank details form (this will be emailed to you in your award notification) and a copy of your bank account paying-in slip, to verify the information on the form.
  • You will provide a report at the end of one year (or for each year if a multi-year grant). This is submitted online via our website.
  • If the Trustees are not satisfied that the grant has been expended towards the agreed project or conclude that the funds are not being used effectively, no further payments will be made and we may also require repayment of part or all of the sum already paid.
  • If you anticipate that any substantial changes to the purpose, activities or expenditure of the grant are likely to be necessary, please contact us in advance to seek our agreement. This is particularly important if the change relates to any post funded with this grant. Please also keep us informed of any plans for changes to the governance of the charity, including changes of key personnel such as the Chair of Trustees or CEO.