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The Brilliant Club

In June 2018, we awarded the Brilliant Club £100,000 over three years towards the expansion of their work in the South West. This follows a three year grant awarded in 2013 towards the expansion of their work in the West Midlands.

The Brilliant Club aims to have an education system in which young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are proportionately represented at highly selective universities. It seeks to achieve this change by recruiting, training and placing outstanding PhD students to deliver programmes of university-style tutorials to small groups of high performing pupils attending schools in disadvantaged communities. As well as developing the skills and aspirations of school pupils, the PhD students act as mentors, accompany pupils on visits to universities, guide them through the application process and coach them for interviews. Find out more here.

Key Achievements:

  • By 2015/16, the numbers of pupils in the West Midlands supported by The Brilliant Club had risen to 1,386 pupils, 72 schools and 125 PhD placements. Over 40% of these pupils were eligible for Free School Meals and over 50% had no parental history of higher education.
  • In 2015/16, 65% of scholars (primary and secondary school pupils?) achieved a 1st or 2:1 in their final assignment, which means 4,605 young people were supported by PhD tutors to produce written work at an excellent or good standard for a Key Stage above their current level. This included 275 pupils in the West Midlands.

While only 18% of state school children gain a place at a highly-selective university, 51% of The Brilliant Club’s total Year 12 cohort in Summer 2015 received such an offer.

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