What We Don’t Fund

We don’t make grants to the following:

  • Individuals
  • CICs (community interest companies)
  • Museums, galleries, libraries, exhibition centres and heritage attractions
  • Individual churches and other historic buildings (except for limited support under the preservation category)
  • Individual schools, colleges, universities or other educational establishments
  • Hospices, hospitals, nursing or residential care homes
  • Charities whose main beneficiaries live within Greater London or in Northern Ireland
  • Charities whose primary beneficiaries are those with a physical or mental disability or illness

Trustees reserve the right to make exceptional grants outside of these guidelines.

We are very unlikely to fund the following:

  • Regional charities that are affiliated with a national body (for example, local Scout groups, YMCAs, Age UK or Wildlife Trusts)
  • Health, medicine and medical conditions including drug and alcohol addiction
  • Therapy and counselling
  • The arts*, including theatre, music and drama
  • Sport*, including sports centres and individual playing field projects
  • Animal welfare or projects concerning the protection of single species
  • Expeditions and individuals volunteering overseas
  • Research, unless it is linked to a project that meets our priorities
  • Conferences, events, cultural festivals, and exhibitions
  • Salaries for named posts (although we will consider salary costs as part of a specific project)
  • Major building projects, including the purchase of property or land or the refurbishment of facilities
  • Endowments
  • Grant making charities
  • Projects primarily concerned with campaigning or lobbying


*Except where used as a means of achieving one of our funding priorities.