Youth Opportunities

This is our largest category and aims to support charities that help disadvantaged children and young people to adopt a more positive attitude to their lives, raise their aspirations and realise their full potential. Our particular areas of focus are:

  • charities providing life and work skills for the disadvantaged through training, contact with employers and apprenticeships
  • charities using early-intervention initiatives to ensure children from significantly disadvantaged backgrounds are given a fairer chance to develop their social, employment and life skills
  • charities offering character-building and challenging outdoor activities, such as adventure training, that encourage leadership and team spirit for the less well-off as well as the severely disadvantaged
  • charities that give children from deprived urban areas the opportunity to experience and value the countryside

We encourage charities working on different aspects of youth disadvantage to coordinate their activities so that various interventions (e.g. homelessness, character building, mentoring and employability skills) are provided as part of a continuous process until the young person becomes fully self-reliant.